CompuProse Computer Repair & Training

Are you a Senior Citizen and need tech support for your PC,  laptop, or your network? Do you need someone to sit and guide you while you learn how to use Word or Excel or attach a picture to an email? CompuProse is here to help. I will visit your home or office to fix computer, laptop, or tablet problems, install or repair hardware,  setup your wireless, resolve your computer issues, or sit with you and teach you how to do whatever it is you want to learn how to do.  Plus, I am  more affordable. My rate for Senior Citizens is $25/hour and for small businesses is $50/hr. Discover the difference for yourself, schedule a visit and let me fix your computer or network problem or work with you on learning a computer program or process!

CompuProse is the technical division of Photoprose PhotoGraphics.

Problem Solving Includes:

I can solve almost any PC tech support problem right in your home or office. Plus, I fully support Microsoft products like Office and Outlook. Some of the many problems I've solved in the past   include:

Upgrading to Windows 10  -  Windows Updates  -  Blue Screens/Errors  -  Virus/Malware  Removal  -  Startup/Boot Problems  -  Wifi Setup/Support  -  Network Setup/Support  -   Reinstalling Windows  -  Printer Setup/Support  -  Malware/Spyware Removal  -  Antivirus Setup  -  Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook  -  Firewall/Security Setup  -  Burning DVD's and CD's  -  Internet Connections/Setup  -  Driver Problems/Installation  -  Email Setup/Problem Solving

What to do next:

Call me at 303-562-5331 to schedule an appointment for me to come to your location.

I will arrive at your location or home.

I will  repair your device, fix your problem, install hardware,  answer any questions,  or sit and work with you to teach and explain how you use your program or technology.

HowTo Contact CompuProse

Hours:  By Appointment  Only

Phone and Text: 303-562-5331

Email: d@photoprose.com

Hourly Rates:

Senior Citizens - $25

Small Business and Professionals - $50

My Guarantee:

If I don't solve the problem for which you hired me, you pay nothing.

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